How to Build a Website From Scratch Step by Step – Beginners Guide (2019)

Want to know How to build a website from scratch step by step? Tired of hiring web developers? Then you have landed at the correct place.

Websites are like Internet real estate business. Businessmen, no matter what business they own are grabbing their own domain and launching their website.

Many are making millions by converting their business online, and are living a good life.

Then Why not YOU?

Is it because you don’t know how to start a website?

Either you will be paying a web developer to build a website for your business (which will be expensive)


You can’t write the code and build a website on your own?

What is the solution then?

So how do people build their websites which are affordable and easy to maintain?

Here comes the good news…

You can use Content Management Systems like WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal to build your website.

But I 100% prefer to use WordPress because of its flexibility and ease of use.

WordPress was started in 2003 with a simple goal of providing ordinary people the means to build their website. WordPress is almost used by millions of businesses including some of the Fortune 500 Companies.

Building a professional website is no longer the work of computer geeks. Now you can also build your own website without paying thousands to your web developer.

The main goal of this article is to help everyone who are looking to start a website; to become a zero to website guru in a few short hours. By the end of this article, you will be able to launch a good looking professional WordPress website.

And I assure that you will love this guide.

Now you may be thinking that you are not a technical guy or that you don’t know to code.

But don’t worry!!

This guide is there to help you. It doesn’t require any programming or coding skills, but you can build a website on your own by following the below steps. I’m not getting into the technical part of the website which is done by developers like me, but a basic professional website, where you can create a website without hiring a developer. Before going further, I just want you to know that this guide is going to be better than paying some dollars to your developer for building a basic professional website.

How to create a website from scratch?

Let’s get started…

How to Build a Website From Scratch Step by Step

Step 1: Choose Domain Name

To get started, you will need to pick a name for your website. A domain name is the identity of your website. Mostly prefer a ‘.com’ extension. If you want to target only your country, then you can go for the ‘.uk extension if you are from the United States, .au for Australia, .in for India, and similarly for any country you are in.

Normally a domain costs around 10-15$.

But we can get the domain name FREE for 1 year.

Now use the below widget and search for the domain availability of your choice. Then click “check availability”.  Once you get the name and availability you can go to the next step because in the next step we will be availing the FREE Domain which usually costs 10-12$.

For more detailed explanation watch this video

Keep reading…

Step 2: Get Hosting & FREE Domain

After deciding your domain name, you need to take hosting for your website. Hosting & domain are the two things you need for creating a website for your business.

Let me explain…

Domain: A domain is the name of your website

Hosting: Hosting is the place where your website’s files will be stored.

So both domain and hosting are essential to get started for building a website.

I would recommend Bluehost Hosting. [Discount Link]

Why Bluehost?

Bluehost is one of the reputable hosting companies in the World and it is widely used by internet users.I am personally using Bluehost for more than 4 years for my personal projects as well as for my clients. They have many premium offers for FREE which other hosting providers provide for premium prices. Some offers are FREE SSL, FREE Domain, FREE Backups, Google Credits and many more.

The simple thing is that your website won’t be down and will not have any server problem. One more thing if you are serious about your business never go with FREE or Cheap hosting.

Think about it.

Investing a little is better than facing this headache of server issues. Instead, Build Your BusinessClick To Tweet

Another good hosting which I can recommend is Siteground.

Even this website is hosted on Siteground. I am personally using Siteground and I have no issues with them as well.

The total cost for both domain, hosting and SSL certificate would be 60-80$ (Rs.4000) depending on the country you select.

Now let’s get started with the guide where we will take both domain and hosting.

Step 1: Click on this discount link and Click on “get started now” button. 

How to Build a Website From Scratch Step by Step

Step 2: You’ll be taken to this page. In this select the plan you want to go for.

If you want only 1 website to host go for Basic plan
If you want to host more than 1 website go for Plus plan.

How to Build a Website From Scratch Step by Step

Step 3: Here is the step where we will avail the domain name for FREE.

Now enter the same name which you want for your business and click on new domain search field.

Now click next and continue.

how to avail free domain from bluehost

Step 4: Now comes the billing part.

We need to enter the personal details as well as hosting details to complete the purchase.
You can uncheck checkboxes which are not needed as you can see in the below screenshot I unchecked all unnecessary items which are not needed.

So let’s click create an account and fill in these details.

After entering all mandatory details, Click on submit button.

bluehost billing details

I will share a trick where you can get hosting for cheap.

The trick is when you are on payment page wait for 3-4 sec you will get more discount on the plan. This trick will work only on desktop. It will not work on mobile.


Click on “claim savings” button. Now the final price would be 95$ for 3 years hosting.

Quickly complete the payment!

Okay! So you’ve completed the payment and have got your Domain & Hosting.

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Let’s learn how to create a website for your business.

Now let’s go to STEP 3,

Step 3: Install WordPress

In this step, we need to Install WordPress.

Why WordPress?

We’re going to use WordPress because it makes it very easy to build a website without knowing any programming or coding. You can build a website from scratch with HTML & CSS, but for that you need to learn to code or hire a web developer like me.

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WordPress is almost used by 70% of business website owners. WordPress website is the simplest way of making your own website in a few minutes.

So let’s install WordPress.

Login to your Bluehost Cpanel using the username and password you saved at the time of purchase.
Assuming you have logged in Click on Domains

bluehost cpanel

Now select the site you want to install WordPress

bhost cpanel

Enter the website Name and Tagline

create website with bluehost

Within seconds your website will be installed on WordPress.

wordpress install bluehost

In the next step enter your website name and description.

The username and password comes by default. You can edit and use any username and password of your choice.

Important Tip: Make sure to save the username and password in your notepad or somewhere because these details are needed for logging in your WordPress website.

Use your active email id, the login details will be emailed to you there. Click on Install button.


Now login to your WordPress Dashboard using the username and password you saved.

After entering the details you will get a dashboard which like this.

Okay, so this is your WordPress Dashboard!

Dashboard ‹ Start Website Online — WordPress

Now from here, you’ll be able to control your website. If you want to access the (WordPress) dashboard anytime again, simply go to your website address and type login. Once you reach your WordPress dashboard, it means that your website is LIVE. To check it go to your website address, and press enter. Your website is LIVE!

This is how the default site should look like.

twenty seventeen theme

Now let’s move on to the next section of designing and how to set up a website.

But wait there’s more,

Step 4: Install Astra Theme

So next, In order to easily edit our website, we’re going to install a new theme. So the new theme is called “Astra“.

So to install the theme, assuming you are already logged into WordPress.

Step 1: In the Dashboard left pane there is Appearance and click Themes.

wordpress themes dashboard
Step 2: Click ‘Add New’ and search for “Astra”.

Step 3: Search for “Astra” as shown below in the screenshot. So we’re going to install this theme. Just click install. and click activate.

So the theme is activated.

Next, we’re going to install a plugin which comes with this theme. So by installing the plugin, we’ll be able to easily customize our theme and create our professional looking website.

So to install that plugin, let’s go to plugins. 

Step 1:  Click on Plugins and click ‘add new‘.

Step 2: Now search for a Plugin called ‘Astra Starter Sites’ like in below screenshots and then click on “Install Now“.

So click install and then click Activate. So the Astra Sites plugin is now installed!

In the next step Click on Astra Sites option as seen below in the screenshot. 

Select Elementor as the option in the right section
Select Free menu tab as the option

astra starter sites

Now, This plugin has a set of Designs for your website, which you can choose and then apply it to your site. So to see those designs let’s click see the library. So these are the designs.

I have chosen a template called “Co-working Space.” You can see how the site looks like! If you want to apply this design to your site. Just click Install Plugins. Then click Import this site. Now the design and the demo content will be imported into your site.

It’s done! You can now see the site. Click “view site“.

Astra Sites ‹ WordPress

Okay! So as you can see, the demo has been imported into your website. This is how it looks. You can also see other pages which also has the demo content.

Step 5:Import Demo Content

Once you’ve got the design into your site, you can go to the final step which is to Edit the content. So, to edit any page of your site, you just have to go to the page and click Edit with Elementor. Let’s say you want to edit the homepage, simply click home. Click “edit with elementor”. And you will go into this editing section. Here in this step, we will be completing our guide on How to create a website with WordPress step by step.

edit with elementor.

Let’s say you want to change the text here, just select the text and then start typing anything you want. I’m going to type ( Welcome to CoWorking Space) And now if you want to change the text on this button. You just click here:

Elementor Home.

In the same way, you can edit any text you want on this page. Just select the text and then start typing. This works throughout the website. If you want to change the image, just click it. Select the image and drag & drop your image. Once you’re done with the changes, you can simply save the page, by clicking “save”. And all your changes will be saved.

So now you know how you can edit any page of your site!

Next, we’re going to see how you can change the Header or the Footer area of your website. By using elementor, you will not be able to change this part of your website. For changing Header and Footer elements you need to use customize option.

My Blog – elementor

So let’s go to customize. Now you can see that there are some “Blue icons”. Now if you want to change this logo, just click this “Blue Icon” and you can change the Logo here. Now the same way you can change the menu section by clicking on these icons. So everything can be edited by using these blue icons.

Customize My Blog – My WordPress Blog

This will be the same in the footer area also. So let’s say if you want to change the text, just click this blue icon and start typing anything you want. Once you are done with the changes, just click “publish” and they will be published on the site. Close this and go back to your site.

So we saw how to edit the header & footer area in Elementor.

Now, what if you want to add a new page?

It’s very simple. All you need is to create a page by using templates. Now templates are ready-made pages which you can import into your site. Click “add template” and you will find a lot of designs here. If you want to use any designs, simply click it. See how it looks like. And if you like it, just click insert to get it into your page. Now you can see that we’ve got the design into our page. Like we did before you can change anything on this page, Just by selecting it and typing anything you want. This is how it works. Once you are done with the changes, click save and view page.

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Final Conclusion

That’s it, guys! This was the complete guide on How to Build a Website From Scratch Step by Step on your own without any help from developers. I hope this detailed guide is worth your time and the money you invested and you have learned how to make your own website.

What type of business do you have? Comment below in the comment section if you loved this guide.

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. That means if you make a purchase through these links, I will get a small commission at no extra cost to you. Thanks for your support.

How to Build a Website From Scratch Step by Step
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How to Build a Website From Scratch Step by Step

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