5 Reasons Why You Should Build Your Website With WordPress

5 Reasons Why You Should Build Your Website With WordPress
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Normally you can create your own website either using technologies like HTML, CSS or WordPress. But to build a website using HTML, CSS, javascript you need coding skills.

5 Reasons Why You Should Build Your Website With WordPress

But using WordPress you can build your website even without coding.

Let’s check out the reasons for using WordPress.

So let’s talk about the first one

#1. World Popular CMS Platform: WordPress is actually the world most popular platform and it is very easy and simple to use that’s why a lot of people use WordPress and it’s absolutely easy even you have no coding skills required to use WordPress. In 2017 WordPress sharemarket was 59% so now you can imagine how many people are using WordPress and how popular this platform is.

Now let’s talk about the second reason you should use WordPress

#2. Open Source: WordPress is open-source and there is no cost associated with installing and upgrading it or doing any stuff like designing and customizing it here it totally depends on you. WordPress doesn’t charge a penny for anything its an open source platform.

Let’s talk about reason 3

#3. Highly Customizable 

WordPress is highly customizable you can almost do anything with WordPress. You can create and design your custom themes and you can do pretty much almost everything to design yourself a perfect website and build a website that is professional and more flexible and like more user-friendly you can do so so much stuff with.

#4. Design for Everyone: WordPress is actually designed for everyone.  As we know that it’s the most popular platform so a lot of people who are not skilled or who don’t have coding skill, who doesn’t know about programming they can also use WordPress and can create pretty much awesome websites for them or for their clients or for whatever purpose they want to build a website.

#5. Lower Setup Cost: WordPress is absolutely lower cost almost no cost of WordPress you only need a domain and hosting.If you log in to your cPanel there you will see what place you can just simply install WordPress and you can do pretty much everything with that.


What do you need to Create a Website with WordPress?

In this article, we are going to cover things needed to create a website with WordPress.

Domain Name: A domain is the name of your business you want to start.

Hosting: Hosting is the space required to keep your images, code files, and media.

Install WordPress: Open source CMS platform to create a website without coding.

Install Theme: Themes are which brings design to your website according to your requirement.

Create Necessary Pages: Every business needs some pages like About Us, Portfolio, Services and Contact Us page.




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